How To Make A WordPress Website Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners (9)

If you don’t already have an FTP, how to speed up wordpress then you’re first going to have to download and install one on your computer. You don’t really need to check every small detail, just take a general look. Log in to the cPanel, go the database section, then look for the phpMyadmin icon. You should see a download button on that page, simply download it, and then save it to your computer in .zip format. This can help you compare other competitors site’s within your niche to see how your site stands up.

I have a Facebook page, a YouTube Chanel and Pinterest account, I want the visitors to see them so I have decided to have a special block for this. After that you need to choose where you want to install WordPress. In most cases these two URLs will be the same, but they’ll be different if you’re storing your WordPress files in a different directory than the domain used to access the site. If this is the case, make sure you edit the “WordPress Address” option to reflect the directory where your WordPress files are. You can often just copy and paste the zipped files onto another file on your computer as well, and that usually works just fine.

Well, if you’re using some domain name registrars, such as NameCheap, you may already have your site hosted with them automatically. This option for changing your domain name will work but should be used as a last resort. Change these two URLs to your target domain name. Edit these values to reflect your target domain, and you’re done!

  • 1GB SSD Storage
  • Customize the look of the login form
  • Finalizing The Process
  • 9% uptime. It really, truly can’t get much better than that

The idea of a CMS is to give you some easy-to-use tools so that you’re able to edit your site’s content without any knowledge of coding. SiteGround is a fantastic solution for this, and have made it unbelievably easy to do (and I’ll give you some instructions for doing it with SiteGround below). This option is a temporary command and should not be used as a permanent solution.

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